1. AAA has developed a fuzzy logic based, in-process tool-wear monitoring (FL-IPTM) system, making the CNC operations accident free.

    As per the requirements, different types of sensor may be used to detect tool wear. We study the relationship of cutting conditions with acoustic emission (AE) sensors and analyze what is the strain energy released during the cutting process that could be employed to monitor the variations that tool-wear generates during this process. We employ the AE in the development of a tool-wear monitoring system as AE signals contains complicated information from the cutting process, although AE signal extraction is very difficult process.

  2. Manufacturing of Fuel Efficient Desiel & Multi-Fuel Automobile & Agriculture purposee engine

  3. Design & Manufacturing of Light Weight Aircraft

  4. Manufacturing of DG Set (From 5 KVA to 500 KVA)
Less Machine Investment required  
Cost Savings  
Productivity Improvement  
Cycle Time Reduction  
Advance Future Technology  
Service Delivery on Time  
Avoidance of Accidents of CNC Machines